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Thank you for considering fostering for us and for being a person who cares about the welfare of displaced animals! Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences and more importantly, saves lives.

Forgotten Friends is committed to saving as many adoptable puppies and dogs as we can, whether they are injured, heartworm positive or healthy. Unfortunately, finances dictate what we can and cannot manage at any given time. An even bigger limiting factor is the availability of suitable foster homes.

If you are reading this then you must at least be a bit curious about fostering a Forgotten Friends dog! We would like to give you some information about us and fostering to help you with your decision. Forgotten Friends began saving animals 15 years ago when the need for the rescue of mixed breeds was realized by our founder, Deborah. At that time, she was volunteering in a local shelter and through her experiences there, discovered the serious need for a group who would take these dogs.

Our group has grown rapidly and we have saved and placed hundreds of dogs in the past years. Some things never change though, including the huge number of abandoned and unwanted pets and the severe shortage of space.

When you foster for our group, we pay all medical care for our animals as long as a participating Forgotten Friends veterinarian is used for the animal’s care. You supply the food, toys, treats, love and a safe haven for your foster until he or she is adopted.

You can choose to foster a special needs dog who will need time away from adoptions to become available for placement or an animal that you will need to bring to adoptions. Any house training or other time you would like to invest in your foster is great and will help them find new homes much faster.