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We do not allow adoptions outside of the general Austin area or allow out of state adoptions.

If you are interested in adopting one of our puppies or adult dogs, please fill out the application below as thoroughly as possible so that we may evaluate if you might be the best candidate for the dog you are applying to adopt. Our goal is to make the “perfect” match between what the applicant family needs and wants in their new dog and the individual needs of each and every dog.  NOTE: Applications are evaluated on the best match possible for our dogs and not on a first application basis.

When your application is received, it will be forwarded to the appropriate foster home. All fosters are volunteers and will be answering your applications as soon as time is available. Each foster can decline, redirect or confirm an adoption. Individual fosters have their own guidelines in different areas for placement of their dogs.

If you are interested in more than ONE dog, you only need to fill out ONE application (just list all of the dogs in the “dog you are interested in” field).

We are so pleased you are going to rescue a dog and appreciate your interest in adopting from Forgotten Friends.   We look forward to receiving your application!!

*** IMPORTANT ***  DO NOT USE the ENTER key after answering any question or completing any field – ONLY use the TAB key or click on next field to advance.

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