Forgotten Friends

Who We Are

Forgotten Friends is an Austin-based, 501(c)(3), rescue organization supported solely by volunteers and donations from the community. The group was started eight years ago to help reduce the number of sweet, loving dogs that die everyday for lack of a committed home.

Forgotten Friends rescues adoptable dogs from kill shelters around the area and cares for them in a private mini shelter while they wait for a foster home to have an opening or a new foster home to sign up with the group. If no home opens up, they reside in the shelter until they are adopted.

What We Do

After rescuing animals from participating shelters, Forgotten Friends:

  • Provides a health exam with a participating veterinarian, including heartworm testing,
  • Provides the rabies shot and yearly vaccinations,
  • Dental or other care if needed, and
  • Has the animals spayed or neutered, and
  • Provides the animals with monthly heartworm medication. (Heartworm disease can be deadly, but is preventable if dogs are given once-a-month chewable heartworm pills.)

They are then allowed time to adjust and become accustomed to a foster family environment (when one is available) before being adopted into their new home that is a good match for family and dog.

Adoption Process

The animals are made available for adoption by promoting them on our website at www.mixbreedrescue.com and bringing them to our scheduled adoption events. Dogs can be brought to the applicant’s home to meet present animals on their own “grounds”.

The prospective new adopter fills out an Application for Adoption which is reviewed to see whether the adopter and the animal’s needs match.

Adopt Don't ShopOur adoption fees start at $350. Adoption fees may be different based upon a variety of factors: breed, purebred or mix, size, age, medical expenses such as heartworm testing (and treatment if necessary), etc. The adoption fees pay for the dogs vet care & supplies (such as food & treats). The dog you adopt will have been health checked by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered, wormed, given age appropriate shots, microchipped and any other medical needs. Any surplus money from an adoption will be used to cover medical expenses for another dog. FORGOTTEN FRIENDS-MBR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our volunteers will often pay for many of these expenses themselves when donations are small or non-existent.

We each have a lot of time, love, and money invested in each and every animal we rescue and wish to place each one of them in the very best home possible!

Adoptions are limited to the AUSTIN AREA ONLY. We reserve the right to deny any adoption because we do not feel the adopting home properly meets the needs of the individual dog or the dog their needs.

We do not base our decisions on race, creed, sex or origin, but do so based on which home we feel supplies the best environment, understanding of the animal’s individual needs and commitment to supply these for the life of the pet.