Zoe, previously known as Willow, secured herself a loving home with a feline sister!

“Zoe is doing great and we absolutely adore her!  She is in total control of us…We have been spoiling her like crazy, but she is a very, very good little girl…She also has acquired quite a “wardrobe”. Sweats, sweaters, tees, raincoats, even a little beach sundress and a Houston Rockets official NBA tee that she wears on game days! She loves to wear everything except the raincoat and boy, does she does hate getting her feet wet. She gets excited whenever she sees one of her “outfits” and actually steps into it. She and Khan (the cat) are the best of friends…They like to climb on my lap or lay right beside me when I am watching tv and they kinda use each other for a pillow!”

We’re so happy for you, Zoe!