Shelby came to us as part of a little of puppies rescued and in dire need of love and attention. She was the tiniest pup of the bunch, but her new mom didn’t care one bit.

“I had adamantly declared that I was not going to get another dog, for awhile when I had to put my beloved yorkie to rest. But after a few weeks, I realized my other dog, Lily, had not been alone her entire life and needed a companion. As a big supporter of Forgotten Friends, I knew I wanted to try to find the next member of my little family through them. Poppy (formally known as Shelby) was a part of a small litter of puppies and was the tiniest little thing. It was 100% love at first sight, she was at least half the size of her brothers but double the personality.

Bringing her to my home has been, by far, the happiest thing I could have done. I can’t thank Forgotten Friends enough for helping me find a new friend and help myself and Lily get through the loss of our Bunni.  Poppy is so full of personality, loves running around in the backyard as fast as she possibly can, being the perfect little shadow and saying hello to everyone she meets. Her favorite place is to be right under your chin so she can roll around on your chest and lick your nose and surrounded by toys. She’s still an itty bitty thing (only 6lbs!) but keeps up with the big dogs with her big personality!”

Losing a beloved fur baby is never an easy thing and opening up to love a new one can be so hard. We’re thrilled to have been able to piece together this little family after such a hard loss. Congrats to both Poppy and her new fur sister, Lily!
Poppy ShelbyPoppy