Sara Lee

Terrier Mix - Adult - Female
Adoptable Small Mix Crate TrainedDog FriendlyHeartworm PositiveMicrochippedSpayed / NeuteredVaccinated

3 years old
14 pounds

Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee!

It’s true — everyone loves Sara Lee. This little terrier girl is very quiet, loving, and polite. She shows her affection with gentle kisses and loves to rest her head gently on your leg and to cuddle up nice and close. Sara Lee loves her human friends best and would make a wonderful companion for someone (or a family) who doesn’t mind that she likes to be close at all times.

Sara Lee gets along well with calm dogs, big and small. She gets very nervous around dogs with lots of energy or dogs who want to jump on her. S he currently has two furry foster sisters that she loves to follow around and snuggle up with. She would do best in a home with calm, quiet dogs (or no other dogs) and a human family who is home often and likes to take their pup out on errands, etc. Sara Lee does well with calm children. We think she would do best in a home with older children or no children at all. We do not know how Sara Lee does with cats.

Sara Lee has spent a lot of time out on the town with her foster Mom where she is always calm and sits close and wants to please. Sara Lee is lower energy and is perfectly content napping and gazing at her humans, but she does get playful bursts of energy, tussling with her foster sisters. She also does GREAT on walks! She is the best little walker — no pulling and walks right next to you. She is not much of a barker, but will alert you when someone comes to the door. She does not appear to be reactive to loud noises or storms.

We think Sara Lee was crate trained as she likes to go in her crate and, though she sleeps in bed with her foster mom, she also listens when she is told to go in her own bed. She sleeps well at night and doesn’t get up until her humans do.

Sara Lee is (mostly) potty trained, but does need to be taken out at regular intervals. She’s still learning to alert her humans when she needs to go out.

Sara Lee is heartworm positive and that is so sad for such a good girl. She is getting ready to start her final treatment, but she will be available for adoption before or during her treatment into a calm home.

Sara Lee’s adoption fee of $350.00 includes her Vet exam, current vaccines, flea treatment, worming, heart worm test and treatment, spay, and microchip.

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