Chihuahua Mix - Terrier Mix - Baby - Male
Adoptable Small Dog FriendlyMicrochippedSpayed / NeuteredVaccinated

5 months old (as of 05/24/18)
5.4 pounds (as of 03/09/18)

Papi came into the rescue with his three sisters (Chachi, Chula and Charro) at around 4 weeks old and all under 1 lb. Since then, they’ve been in extreme foster care and are thriving. They had a Mom and another sibling who were unfortunate during the cold spell and both passed over the rainbow bridge.

Papi likes a lap sometimes and toys at other times. He loves human affection and has attached himself to his foster Dad rather than foster Mom. He will give tons of kisses on command or not on command. He’s a very loving guy.

Papi is very smart and curious. He loves to be outside wandering and exploring. He listens to basic commands such as in the bed, drop it, and don’t bite. He is a happy-go-lucky type of puppy. Sometimes all the pack is following his lead and other times he’s following their lead. He loves to play with his siblings and several other foster dogs. Papi shows no signs of fear or aggression — just fun, loving, and playful.

Papi loves toys!!!! The more, the better — and he will wear himself out playing with them! He even tries to hide and hoard them from his siblings. He will eagerly go to any person, male or female, but when it comes to a lap, it’s always the human male’s lap he wants.

He has been pen-trained with reusable puppy pads, so will need to be house trained by whomever adopts her. Crate training would be best.

We do not know about cats or children, but due to his small size, no children under 7 years of age.

He travels crated very well, but has never been harnessed or leashed so that will need to be started as well.

We are seeking a stay at home, work from home, or retired family as she is still very young and requires constant attention and supervision to continue to thrive and reach her full potential.

Austin area adoptions only.

To apply for adoption, please fill out our form. Contact for additional questions.

Papi’s adoption fee of $300 includes his Vet exam, age appropriate vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, monthly heart worm prevention, neuter, and microchip.

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Please note that we will not adopt puppies under 6 months of age to apartments or homes without a safely fenced private yard due to their incomplete immunization. We require that they go to a home where someone will be home much of the time for training and with no children under 5 years of age due to a puppy’s sharp teeth. Also, no homes with pools unless they are securely fenced.

Please be aware that we rarely have information about cat compatibility, as most of our foster homes don’t have cats. Adoption decisions are based on the best overall match and not done on a first-come-first-serve basis.