Roo (aka Margaret)

Collie Mix - Baby - Female
Adoptable Medium Mix Crate TrainedDog FriendlyHousetrainedMicrochippedSpayed / NeuteredVaccinated

4 months old (as of 05/12/18)
25 pounds (as of 05/12/18)

Meet Roo! She is a 6-Month old Border Collie Mix. She’s a friendly and loving dog.

Roo is in a foster home waiting to find her forever family. She is house trained and crate trained. She will even put herself in her crate for a nap. She loves playing with other dogs and giving them kisses. She also loves toys and playing fetch. Her foster family thinks she would enjoy hikes and go to rivers for swims. There hasn’t been a person or dog with which she doesn’t want to make friends. She’s would love a home with a fenced-in yard to play and an adopter who has time for training, companionship, and love.

If you’d like to meet Roo, please email her foster at for more information. Applications being accepted online

Main profile photo by Kathryn Lippert.

Please note that we will not adopt puppies under 6 months of age to apartments or homes without a safely fenced private yard due to their incomplete immunization. We require that they go to a home where someone will be home much of the time for training and with no children under 5 years of age due to a puppy’s sharp teeth. Also, no homes with pools unless they are securely fenced.

Please be aware that we rarely have information about cat compatibility as most of our foster homes don’t have cats. Adoption decisions are based on the best overall match and not done on a first-come-first-serve basis.