Chihuahua Mix - Young - Female
Adoption Pending Small Mix Dog FriendlyMicrochippedSpayed / NeuteredVaccinated

10.5 months old (as of 11/05/18)
10+ pounds (as of 11/05/18)

Adoption Pending
(no new applications accepted at this time)

Meet Chula! She’s a 6-month-old Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix with the most gorgeous eyes, sweetest underbite and softest coat!

She’s in a foster home with a mom, dad, sister (Chachi) and other brother & sister pack mate doggies. She’s doing great.

If you have a home with space for two dogs she and her sister Chachi are a great, sweet, funny pair and would be easy as a pack of two! Her foster parents call them peas & carrots! You see one run by and the other is always following shortly behind! Check out Chachi’s bio as well!

She came into our rescue as a very young and small puppy with her 3 siblings. Two of them have found their forever homes and she thought she had found hers too! However, her new Dad got real sick so she went back to her foster home.

Her foster family has been patient with her and she’s doing remarkably well and is now crate trained and potty trained. She does not cue but rather has followed her pack mates who cue.

Her foster parents are retired so she usually has someone home most of the time but is crated when they are not home.

She’s very sweet and gentle and loves to be a lap dog and gives lots of kisses. Has a sweet, loving, goofy personality. She loves all other dogs and people, hands down a friendly girl!

Chula likes to play with her sibling sister (Chachi) and 11 other foster dog siblings and is learning so much from them, too. Her motto is play hard, sleep hard!

She is learning to leash walk but still needs some work to perfect that task, she very smart and learns fast.

She likes being outside to romp and play but has a doggy door she uses when the heat gets too much and she needs a puppy nap!

She will make a wonderful dog for any adopter.

Applications being accepted online at

Chula’s adoption fee of $300 includes her Vet exam, age appropriate vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, monthly heart worm prevention, spay, and microchip.

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Please be aware that we rarely have information about cat compatibility, as most of our foster homes don’t have cats. Adoption decisions are based on the best overall match and not done on a first-come-first-serve basis.