Amber, formerly known to us as Martha, has found herself a wonderful new home with a human sister to dress her up and love her to pieces. Her new family wrote in to let us know how things have been going since Amber came into their lives.

“Our whole family is so much in love with our new dog, Amber!  We spoil her with non-stop pets and smooches.  The thing we love best about Amber is – just as you start petting her, she immediately closes her eyes and starts making a kind of purring sound – almost like she is snoring.  She seems that she’s in heaven – and makes us feel that we are with her.  We also love how she runs upstairs to get her stuffed animal raccoon before she takes a nap – just like a little baby (which she is).  We are so happy that she is part of our family!”

We’re so happy for Amber and her new family. Congrats!