Precious little Luna, now known as Piper, was a pup we took in from the Bell County Animal Shelter. She had a cherry eye and such a defeated spirit that nobody really gave her a second chance..except one of our fosters. We, and her new family, are so happy we took her in. She’s blossomed into such a happy, gorgeous girl!

“…Piper is our little obsession. It’s honestly sickly, but she has completely taken over our home and our hearts. My husband is absolutely taken by her which I often times feel like the third wheel in their relationship- ha!…Here’s a few photos we’ve taken…Let’s just say theres more, in fact our phones are 75% Piper. She was the missing link to our family and has brought us so much joy and happiness.”

Stories like these are the ones that just really make our hearts happy and everything worth it. Congrats, sweet Piper! We are happy to have helped you get a second chance.