Karlie, now known as Zoey, is another dog we took in from the Bell County Animal Shelter. She herself wrote us a wonderful update on how life has been with her forever family and we’d like to share it with you!


This is Zoey. I’m so glad Forgotten Friends got me out of that shelter and found me a home. These humans are pretty nice. They are easy to train-if they don’t understand what I want, I just wait patiently and eventually they figure it out!

I get good food and lots treats. Dad fixes bacon in the morning and I sometimes get a bite of that. Mom gets some treats at the Farmer’s Market and they are so good! The doctor says I might need to cut down on the treats, but I don’t think he understands how yummy they are!

Mom sometimes says she wishes I knew what a weekend was because I get up early every day to get things going. I go out and check to make sure the yard is okay. Sometimes I take a nap in the morning while Mom works. Then I go out again to check on things. A dumb squirrel hangs around but I remind him whose yard it is and he leaves.

I take an afternoon nap until time for Mom to stop work. We go for walks or play until dinner time. We play chase in the yard- the silly humans think they can catch me, but I’m too fast! I stay in the kitchen while Mom makes dinner in case she drops something. I grab it really fast so she won’t have to bend over. She says I’m a good helper.

My picture here is from the day the white stuff came down. It was fun to play in!  I just ran and ran around the yard that evening. I really like my family and I’m glad Forever Friends found me a new home. Mom says I will be forever and ever, which sounds like a long time so I’m happy.


Thanks for the update, Zoey! We’re so happy things are going well.