Itty Bit

Precious little Itty Bit came to us with his mom after a little bit of a rough life. His new family was browsing our website and immediately fell in love with him. When we reached out to get a follow up on how he was settling in, his new mom could hardly contain herself with all the great news:

“Where do I start? Itty Bit is hands down one of the best dogs I’ve ever met and there is no doubt that he was suppose to come into our lives. I can honestly say that he is so happy and adjusting very well to his new home…he really likes to sleep and has probably taken a nap in all ten beds that we have placed throughout the house. He also loves both our balcony and patio and I will often find him sleeping with just his head outside so he can feel the breeze on his tiny face.”

Sounds to us like a match meant to be! Congrats, sweet Itty Bit.

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