Elvis, now known as Indy (for Indiana Jones!), wasted no time securing himself a new mom who’s job allows dogs! What a deal!! We contacted her for updates on her new lovable pup and she had some great things to say.

Indy is the most amazing dog, he is so sweet and so smart. He plays fetch with everything, and he jumps and catches his frisbee midair! He also has a giant herding ball, that he he loves to push around. He loves to swim and every time we go to the greenbelt or to Auditorium Shores, he goes straight for the water. My office actually allow dogs to come to work, so he’s been to the office quite a few times and does amazing!!!…His best friend is named Charlie, my roommates cat. They chase each other and play so well together…He really has been a blessing and is loved by everyone who meets him…

Congrats adventurous Indy!

Indy ElvisIndyElvis Indy Evlis2