Ranger Mouse (hospice)

Adoption Status:hospice care with foster
Information as of 03/02/20
Age:13 Years Old
Breed:Chihuahua Mix
Weight:5 lbs.

Ranger Mouse may be an older gentleman, but he’s still very spry and full of life! He wags his whole body, not just his tail, and he’s pretty much in a state of perpetual wag when you’re petting him. He rubs his whole body on you and gives lots of kisses. He’s still able to jump on and off the couch and bed.  However …

We found him as a malnourished stray (no microchip or tags) with horribly infected teeth in Jan 2019.  When we took him to be neutered it was found that his testicles had never descended. This can cause health issues so he needed to have exploratory surgery to have them removed.  He gained weight and we were able to to do his neuter surgery, and a dental surgery to do a full mouth extraction by a canine dental specialist due to his fragile jaw.

Early on he was having seizures and we felt we could help him overcome them. We have been working with our vet to control them with medications. But we are continuing to need to change the doses and get him ongoing blood work (monitors his internal organs for possible issues with the medication). Unfortunately his seizures continue despite the medication.    ** We have chosen to call him a Forever Friend and put him into Hospice care with his foster. **

We are asking his friends and followers for donations for his continued care of anti seizure and anti nausea medications, blood work and special diet. 

If you can help our group give Ranger Mouse continued hospice care we would be very grateful.

There are several ways to donate:

1. Via PayPal directly –  https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/forgottenfriendstx

2. Via Facebook using this link and clicking the “Donate” button under the cover photo (on right) which allows Facebook Pay, PayPal or credit card one-time or monthly donations – https://www.facebook.com/ForgottenFriendsMixBreedRescue/

3. Via check sent to below:

Forgotten Friends
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