Adoption Status:Available
Information as of 5/27/21
Age:4 months old
Breed:Pinscher mix
Weight:4 lbs.


Hello My name is Pete and my foster mommy calls me Tiny Pete. Although currently tiny, I have a TON of energy. I am currently so small that my foster dad bought me a shirt made for a guinea pig to wear since dog XS are too big for me. I may start off shy but I love to play and there is no such thing as a stranger! Once I get comfortable in an environment I am very rambunctious and friendly. Loud sudden noises scare me and I am easily distracted by them and will run and hide if I get scared so please be gentle with me. I will do best in a home that can keep up with my potty training. My foster mommy and I are working hard at teaching me that outside is not just play time but that it’s also potty time. I am doing my best! It helps that I have 3 other foster sisters and brother to help teach me that outside time is potty time. I get a long with other dogs big or small as long as they are ready to play chase and tug of war. I do well on car rides and I am currently sleeping well in my kennel nightly. I will whine if I need to go outside to potty but I don’t whine loud so you will have to pay attention to my soft wants. Since I am so young I also need to focus on my manners. I love to jump and give people hugs when I see them. When I’m not being nosy I am busy going on walks. The longer the better but I do like to try to bite my lead for fun and pull back because tug of war is one of my favorite games! Would you like to come say hi to me so I can tell you everything that’s going on with me in person?

Pete’s adoption fee of $378.87 includes a vet exam, current vaccinations, heartworm & fecal tests, monthly heartworm prevention, flea treatment, neuter, and microchip.

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Please be aware that we rarely have information on our dogs being good with cats as most of our foster homes don’t have them.

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