Adoption Status:Adoption Pending
Information as of 06/25/2019
Age:1 Year Old
Breed:Border Collie Mix
Weight:56 lbs.

Adoption Pending. (No more applications accepted)

Martha is very sweet and gentle around people, including new people. She is taking to crate training very well and on the first night she saw her crate as her instant safe place/bed. She really enjoys the outside and likes to toss around in the grass. Sometimes she briefly barks in reaction to certain noises but otherwise very quiet.

When outside, Martha tends to look for ways to escape (i.e. trying to jump over the fence or digging in the dirt). A fence that is 6ft high would be sufficient to keep her in the yard. She tends to pull when on the leash but not too bad and will get better with practice and a no-pull harness. Martha prefers to eat her food in the crate, though her foster mom is slowly getting her to eat just outside the crate.

She is slowly being introduced to two cats in her foster home. Right now it’s just through a window but we hope to progress to a face to face soon.

Martha’s adoption fee of $350.00 includes her vet exam, age appropriate vaccinations, worming, monthly heartworm prevention, flea treatment, spay, and microchip.

If you live in the Austin area and are interested in adopting, please fill out an application.

Please be aware that we rarely have information on our dogs being good with cats as most of our foster homes don’t have them.

Adoption decisions are based on the best overall match and not done on a first-come-first-serve basis.