Cookie (on hold)

Adoption Status:on medical hold
Information as of 02/25/20
Age: 1 year
Sex: female
Breed: border collie
Weight: 50 lbs

Our sweet Cookie is about one year old and could not be any cuter or sweeter! She is so lovable and loyal, crate trained and potty trained. (Some accidents here and there, she is a baby) Cookie is so smart and learns new things every day! She is learning basic obedience training and already catching on fast. She does not jump on any furniture and knows her place in her crate or on her bed. She is learning which toys are hers and is very receptive to training. She is a velcro dog and follows her foster parents everywhere no matter what – even if they only move 4 feet to the other side of the room! She is very fast and loves to do zoomies in the dog park even by herself! She has a lot of energy!   She snores and is just the cutest, sweetest bear pig dog we have ever met!

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Please be aware that we rarely have information on our dogs being good with cats as most of our foster homes don’t have them.

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