Precious Lulu, formerly Clover, has found a forever home that loves her just as much as she loves them! Her new mom had so many fantastic things to say about her when we asked for an update.

“Lulu is doing fantastic and is more than we could have ever hoped for! She has taken full advantage of the doggy door and has had so much fun chasing all the leaves as they fell this fall. She wasn’t the biggest fan of the snow (or any water really) but was definitely curious to play.

Lulu LOVES her socialization. We have a couple of favorites parks around us and she is always playing her heart out…One time she played and played and played at the park and then we took her to a dog friendly bar to watch a football game and she was so tired we had to carry her to the car…We also started to do some training classes and she is definitely an A+ student…Her favorite way to wake us up in the morning is to jump on my husband and lick him enough to convince him to wake up and get out of bed then she takes his spot and snuggles with me!” Congrats, Lulu!
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