Floofy sweetheart Butler, now known as Leo, was just too adorable for his new parents to pass up! He came and went in a flash and has been loving every minute of his new life as an absolutely adored pup. He recently wrote to us after a year with his new family to tell us all about his new life!

Hi Deb,

It’s me, Leo! You may remember me as Butler. It’s been a year since my Mom and Dad adopted me and I wanted send you an update. My life has been pretty amazing and I am one lucky dog! My mom works from home everyday, so I rarely get any alone time. While she’s working, I like to take nice, long naps and look out window to see if I can spot any other dogs or squirrels. I have a special spot just for me by the window! I have also learned that my favorite toy is my tennis ball. My parents even taught me how to play fetch! I will do just about anything for a treat!

My parents are constantly telling me how lucky they are to have me! Honestly, they’re kind of obsessed with me and have given me an amazing home. As a thank you to them, I am always on the hunt for a cuddle session or a quick game of hide-n-seek. Not to brag, but I am usually the fastest dog at the dog park! My parents just got me a foster sister too! They keep saying they want to help other dogs find their fur-ever homes.

I know most dogs don’t usually get an allowance, but my parents said that since I have brought them so much happiness, I could have some money. Since you rescued me and my friends from the shelter, I figured you can probably use my allowance to help other dogs in need too!

Thanks for rescuing me!


Leo - One Year of Fun