Senior doggo Bodhi, formerly known to us as Bobby, had quite a rough time when we first rescued him from a shelter in Brownwood. He needed many of his teeth extracted and battled two infections, but came out on top with the sweetest demeanor. His new mom absolutely adores him and filled us in on life with sweet Bodhi:

“Bodie has been enjoying his new home and friends…Living close to the Greenbelt he gets to explore different areas of the neighborhood.  Some of his favorite past times are going on walks, playing fetch with his squeaky toys, eating nutritious food, finding nuts and burying them and playing with his new friends. Bodhi has a special “job” of spending some of his time with his pseudo-dog siblings while pet sitting at their house where he gets to roam free range on their acre property.  He fits right in with the pack of the other dogs including Ruby, Rocky and TicTac and is a great example for other dogs of how to treat cats in the family as well!

The saying “who rescued who” comes to mind when thinking about Bodhi & the pawsitive things that he brings to me & my life. He is full of love & I am beyond grateful he found his way into my home & heart.”

Congrats, Bodhi!