In Memory

You are gone from this earthly world but not from my heart. You appear in a park on a pretty day, on the porch on a starlit night, in the stream when we camp, I hear your paws walking on the hardwood floors, I smell your wonderful doggie smell, I turn but alas, you are not there. And yet you are, in many ways you are, forever my faithful, loving shadow. The bond was strong and we will meet again when my time on earth is finished, I will never go where you are not.

If you would like your loved pet to be posted here, please contact us.

Wiley (formerly known as Magic Man) who was adopted 10 years ago, recently died from spleen cancer. He was almost 13 and was well-loved. We are now huge border collie mix fans because of Wiley. He has passed from our arms, but not from our hearts.

Sally and Craig Lesley

Dingo was adopted from FF in Sept 2007, when he was 9 years old. He had an autoimmune disorder, which we managed to put into full remission, and he lived until age 16. Dingo was the smartest dog I have ever had, was so intuitive and dialed in to everything and everyone around him. He could walk off leash, come to the call of his name, and when his hearing started failing, quickly learned hand gestures. He was The King of the household, a gentle King. And we will miss him greatly.

In honor of Dingo, please consider adopting rescue dogs who are older and/or with special needs; they will forever be grateful and love you in ways you can’t even imagine.

Melanie Rousseau

Reggie was my foster with Mixed Breed Rescue in 2003. She was such a scared little girl but she made such an impression on my heart that I had to keep her. She was part of our family and in was so sad that cancer took her from us. We love you Reggie Dog.

Stephanie, Derek and Dylan

A donation was made by Dave Ransome, to Forgotten Friends, in memory of Francine Costantino.

Jake proved himself to be a wonderful Border Collie, intelligent and a love. He will be sorely missed.

On April 18th, our family dog, Trixie crossed the rainbow bridge. We got Trixie from Mixed Breed Rescue in Austin, TX, for my daughter’s 4th birthday (spouse’s co-worker was a foster who suggested the dog for us) in July, 2001. She ended up about ten pounds bigger than we were expecting, she was that underfed. But she came to us at about 1 1/2 years old having already had a litter. She moved from Austin to Baton Rouge, to Kentucky, then California, then back to Louisiana, and finally to Maryland with us over the years, spending days under the rental truck bench when we made the long hauls without complaint. Trixie would always let us know if anyone came to the door, and adored her little squeaky hedgehog toy.

Rest in comfort, dear old friend…
Elizabeth Davis

Our dear Buddy “Boo Boo Lareaux” passed over the bridge today to meet our other loved ones Bonnie, Lizzie, Sassy, Spencer, Chloe and Redman.

He had 17 years on God’s earth, a good life. He was ready to go home. We love you Buddy!

Dale & Deborah


Chalky (formerly known as Stanley) was taken away suddenly by a speeding car and was killed instantly. I keep hearing his bark and little feet running down the hallway. I have never loved something so fiercely before and lost it. I was not ready for him to go. He was our family member for a short while, but he won’t be forgotten, and can never be replaced. My heart is so broken.

Lexi was adopted from Mixed Breed Rescue/Forgotten Friends in August 2003. She recently passed away at about 15 years of age. She was a sweetheart who loved everyone and everyone loved her. Rest in peace, sweet Lexi.


“I just wanted to write you note to say thank you for the best 13 1/2 years! I adopted Duke “aka Butch” at a pet event in Austin September of 2000. I was 25 and single and he was about 1 year old. He has been my best friend through a move back to PA, finding and falling in love with my husband, and the birth of my 3 beautiful children. I love him to pieces and have no doubt that he is the best dog ever put on this earth. He was sent over the rainbow bridge at the ripe old age
of 14 1/2. Thank you for all the years of unconditional love. Thank you for all that you do and all that you’ve given our family!”

Katrina Capper Doerr

Ersilia Ash made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of Angel’s puppies who did not survive distemper.

Approximately 8 years ago, my friend and I were shopping at a pet store in Austin for food for her dogs when we encountered a very barky and shaggy dog that was available for adoption. She had been returned to your organization. She was Sadie and a Silky Terrier. After a lengthy process and fighting off others who wanted her, you placed her with me and my cat Shaika. Sadie was very excited to see the cat, he not so much, but you decided that Sadie could stay on trial for 2 weeks before making a final decision. Well she stayed.

She turned out to be the sweetest companion that anyone could have dreamed of. She was wonderfully patient with all children and was known to all in the complex as such. She became a cat whisperer to the point of me bringing a kitten into my home for her, and they were BFFs. Even a feral cat, who wouldn’t let me near him (even though I fed him daily along with 10-15 other feral cats that lived in the complex), became besotted with Sadie and walked with us every evening on our nightly walk, rubbing up against her, which irritated Sadie, but she tolerated it as was her way. She also has a play date every day at 5pm with my neighbor’s dogs, whilst we gossiped the dogs found squirrels to chase and other dogs to bark the rules at!
My darling Sadie finally was taken by the kidney disease that had plagued her for many years. I am heart broken, but wish to thank you so much for placing her with me and bringing so much pleasure into so many lives.

Stephanie Merzon

I wanted to thank you for bringing Taz into our lives. We adopted her from you back in 2004, soon after we moved to Austin. We lost her in August of this past year to a probable brain lesion. What a brave, dedicated, funny, loving girl she was! She was our protector from day one – including day 14 when she frightened a burglar away from our house (I was home alone!)! We loved her dearly and her passing has left a big hole in our lives. We miss you Tazzie!

Marjorie Saul

Mr Larger than life outgoing Sparky….one of Angel’s puppies that developed pneumonia from exposure to the deadly distemper virus.

So sad your life was so hard and so short.
RIP Sparky

Precious beautiful little girl … one of Angel’s puppies that developed pneumonia from exposure to the deadly distemper virus.

So sad your life was so hard and so short.
RIP Kolleen

Adorable little girl …one of Angel’s puppies that developed pneumonia from exposure to the deadly distemper virus.

So sad that your life was so hard and so short.
RIP Millie

Sweet, precious boy….one of Angel’s puppies that developed pneumonia from exposure to the deadly distemper virus.

So sad that your life was so hard and so short.
RIP Tahoe

Sweet, shy Cruz ……one of Angel’s puppies that developed pneumonia from exposure to the deadly distemper virus.

So sad that your life was so hard and so short.
RIP Cruz

Sweet Giselle who was in the wrong place at the wrong time coming out of Odessa with Gypsy Rose. She was exposed to the deadly distemper virus and was unable to beat it. We did the kindest thing and let her go.

Gypsy RoseGypsy Rose
Sweet Gypsy Rose came to our rescue November 26th and left our world behind this December 12th. We saw her beautiful face in a shelter photograph. She was so forlorn and had a rope tied around her neck. We could not leave her like that, so through teamwork from fellow rescuers she was transferred from the Odessa/Midland area to us in Austin.

Just a day or so after she arrived she developed a pretty serious Upper Respiratory infection with much nasal discharge and then crashed (wouldn’t eat, drink, worse discharge, unable to stand and body twitching), all signs of advanced Distemper.

Along with our Veterinarian, we made the compassionate decision to end her suffering. Since she entered the shelter everyone that met her loved her and her friends here also. RIP dear Gypsy Rose, you were a good dog.

We lost a valuable member of our family today, our beloved dog Whitney. We adopted her from Forgotten Friends Mixed Breed Rescue. I looked at her on line profile and went to see. In the entire pen of dogs she picked me. She walked over and never left my side. It took some convincing for my husband to adopt a larger dog, but he loved her right away. In her life, there
was not a better companion for my young daughter. She never snapped but just rolled eyes as toddler Danielle would take bones out of her mouth. We called her cat/dog as she hated to be muddy or messy and hated wet paws and groomed herself like a cat.

She served the Autism community and was a frequent guest to Candlelight Ranch and a working member of Therapy Pet Pals where she worked with Alzheimer’s and senior patients. She could make shut in’s who would never leave their rooms “take her for a walk around the complex.” Dogs are family and can change lives. She will be missed.

Jennifer Miller

Our dear friend and companion through so many really good, really funny, really difficult times.
He was our smart, funny, unpredictable, zany, tough-as-nails, so-happy-to-please boy who was always, always there for us.

Our hearts ache, but we are happy that he is no longer in pain.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

–Mary Elizabeth Frye

Jennifer Henson

Dear Wilma was sent over the bridge by her Mom Michaela when her quality of life diminished to the point of suffering.

Michaela loved and cared for her throughout medical issues that lasted her whole life. She is missed and loved.

Beloved Wink; the holes in our hearts can never be filled.
…and, when she shall die,
Take her and cut her out in little stars,
And she will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night…
Paraphrased from Romeo and Juliet: Scene 3, Act 2

Love you forever,
Mom & Dad

Thanks, Ersilia Ash
…and thanks for rescuing her; she was the light of my life.

Michelle Borgeson donated to Forgotten Friends in honor Melvin Hay’s (her father) dog “Gibby” aka “Gibson” who crossed the bridge on September 9th. He was adopted in 2005 and passed from the earth in 2013.

Always in our hearts.

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Patricia Corcoran in memory of Gibson, the faithful and beloved companion of Melvin Hay. Gibson crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 9th, 2013.

He was loved by all of his extended family and is missed.
RIP Gibson, be happy and pain free.

Cowboy was rescued by us on February 22, 2012. He was a Senior of undetermined years, possibly 12-14 years of age. He enjoyed rolling in the grass and just hanging with his adoptive Mom. Sadly, he passed, from our world, into the arms of his Creator September 2013.

He is missed by all that loved him. He has left our world a better place for the year he spent with us.

Play Cowboy play!

Ms Lynch

Chase Perkins, somewhere between 14 and 17 years (17-1/2 in the vet’s opinion), has gone to join her best friend, Cody.

My daughter Barbara and I brought her home from Austin’s Town Lake Animal Shelter to foster, as requested by the Forgotten Friends rescue group. We couldn’t believe anyone would take this gorgeous, long-haired Border Collie with the perfect disposition to the “pound” but oh so grateful they gave her up rather than putting her out on the streets or into bad hands. Of course this “foster” couldn’t bear to leave, and we couldn’t bear to let her go, so Chase soon became a Perkins, joining beloved Cody, the only dog to whom she was ever submissive and who has long since preceded her in passing.

Chase was a therapy dog, a member of Therapy Pet Pals of Texas, gracing residents of Chisolm Trail Nursing Home here in Lockhart with her presence for over five years until her increasing problems with arthritis made it too difficult for her. She was the matriarch of our multi-dog, many-foster household . . the grande dame, the queen mother . . from housemother to queen bee (you get the picture), the other dogs didn’t mess with gentle but always-firm Chase. She was the only girl dog ever in the house, because, as you surely know, there can only be one queen. She loved Tommy and me, and, yes, her many boy dogs, and she loved her Aunt Kimmie Sue, who loved her mightily in return as did so many others. Chase will make her permanent residence, with Cody, here at her home in Lockhart, where I’m sure, somehow, some way, her presence will always be made known.

Beautiful and special Chase Perkins, may you rest peacefully and powerfully, just as you lived. We’ll love you forever.


I adopted Toby from Forgotten Friends in April, 2008. We had five amazing years together,
but they were cut short when he passed away on July 28, 2013. Toby was the smartest dog I’ve ever known. He knew so many words and terms that sometimes I had to watch what I said lest he think it was time for a treat, walk or supper. He knew how to tell time and always alerted me to lunchtime, walking time, etc. He was such a lover — snuggling with me all through the night, every night. He was the best companion and was so good for me.

He got me out every evening for a long walk — something my doctor had tried to do for years. We walked miles and miles over the years and Toby knew all the dogs in our neighborhood.
All the little females just loved him and got so excited to see him coming their way. He never knew his own size and would protect me against even the largest Great Dane we came in contact with. He hated bicycles, skateboards and runners, although I never really knew why.

Toby was athletic, sweet, intelligent, loving, enthusiastic and so much more. He loved to eat, cuddle, walk, soak up the sun in the backyard, chase squirrels and birds, take naps and so much more. There will never be another like him. He was unique, beautiful, precious and warm, and he was my boy.

Please honor Toby by never, ever giving Trifexis to your dogs!
Linda Holmbeck

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Michael and Ersilia Ash in memory of Michael’s ex-wife, Karen. Karen loved God, her family and was an advocate for helpless animals.

We mourn the passing of little Minnie who was rescued from a shelter at an advanced age

and in poor health. Her adoptive Parents, Pat and Ray, loved her very much and did everything possible in the short time they had her to make her life as happy and comfortable as possible.
RIP Minnie.

Rebecca Lopez donated towards Tawny’s bladder surgery in honor of her dog Ally
that passed to the rainbow bridge.

A donation has been made by Bill & Debbie Cox towards Clover’s surgery in honor of Buster, their beloved fur companion.

Buster had a rough start to his life, but we believe that he was happy and comfortable

during the eight years he spent with us. Even with his occasional quirks, he was a joy to us.
His end came far too early and far too suddenly, but we don’t get to choose such things.
We will always love you, Buster; and we will always be thankful that Deborah rescued you
and allowed you to join our family.

Bill and Debbie Cox

A donation has been made by Suzy & Gerald Freeny and Paula Limes “In memory of Dr. Barney Limes towards Tawny’s care.

A donation has been made by Dave Ransome “In memory of my friend
Trent Barber. Always with a smile and never an ill word spoken”!

A donation has been made to FF by Dave Ransome in fond memory of the beloved “Ruff”! The kind and loving friend of Denise Rodriguez.

Safe travels my sweet Cassie
We miss you every single day

In every single place you are not….
….across from me on the loveseat with your head resting on the pillow as I write,
….running the wire fence-line as you greet all who pass by this corner,
….at the end of your leash as we travel through the neighborhood where you were Queen,
….in the convertible with the top down with the wind blowing your hair and ears like mad,
…Looking out all the windows in the back of the camper as we serenade you,
…Lying in the yard next to River, your love and best friend who misses you so much it breaks our heart
…Chasing the toys that Maya throws for you when she gets home after school,
…Nestled in the bed next to me – spooning you – as Mel spoons me.
How fortunate that we were able to hold you on Lise’s quilt in the sunbeam that last afternoon.

We will see you again precious girl.
Thank you for all of the joy that you brought to our lives!

Our dearest Quincey, we miss you more than you will ever know but we pray that you did know how much you were and still are loved.

Deborah & Dale

Finney came into my life in 2004, thanks to Deb’s matchmaking magic. He was approximately 6 then and just passed away peacefully at 14. I’m so happy I chose to adopt a “senior” who needed a break more than most. He arrived with hopeful eyes and his tail between his legs, and gradually regained his toe- tapping tail-wagging spark. He even became an international traveler and lived with me for two years on a tropical island in Honduras.

How grateful I am to have shared these years with him, my beloved Finn.
Lisa Railsback

A donation was made by Dave and Melany Ransome in loving memory of “Tertullian” the great feline friend of Doc and Anne Cheney.

“May they meet in peace at the bridge”!

6/97 – 8/17/12
After battling a tumor, Sumo was finally at the end of the road. Sumo has been one tough boy… trucking thru many dental cleanings and surgeries. He was a good boy and in the end he was best at eating and sleeping. He was blind and hard of hearing. Sumo was 15 years old. He will be missed. To all those who know Sumo from Dogster, he will be with his Susie Belle once again!

Love always,
Lisa Heino

A donation was made by Dave & Melany Ransome, supporters & friends of Forgotten Friends Rescue.

A donation was made by Polly Little in honor of Jessie Ransome.

A donation was made by Dan and Pam Donohoe, friends of Dave Ransome and Forgotten Friends.

A donation was made by Lynda Haynes in memory of Jessie, beloved canine companion of Dave & Melany Ransome.

We received the blessing of Jessie 12 years ago, as she walked up to me one night as a stray in our driveway looking for a meal. God knows she chose the right house, as we all had immediate chemistry with our dogs at the time, Melany and me. She was by far the most humble, docile
and loving animal I’ve ever witnessed. I was particularly close with her. I know she is in a better place with God above. She will be forever loved and missed. You are in God’s arms and in our hearts for ever. We will see you at the bridge.

Dave & Melany Ransome

Cassie passed away on July 17th. Rachel was lying next to her on Cassie’s bed as she passed. She was almost 14 and we had her for nearly 9 years.

We loved her dearly and will miss her greatly. Thanks for helping bring her into our lives.
Travis Snell

A donation was made by Melanie and Dave Ransome in honor of Bonnie, the beloved canine companion, of Deborah Ullrich.

BonnieBonnie “Bon Bon”
Dearest Bonnie, I am so sorry your life lead you to place that God wanted your pain to end and took you home to play with your “siblings” Elizabeth, Chloe, Sassy and Spencer. I still think of you as my little puppy, so many sweet memories that keep the sadness and pain of your loss bearable.

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Pam & Dan Donohue in memory of Boomer.

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Marty Sellers in memory of Boomer.

Linda Haynes has made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of Boomer.

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Gerardo and Elena Gomez in memory of Boomer.

Robert Chaney has made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of Boomer.

R. Daniel Colvin and Linda have made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of Boomer

Daniel Denson made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of Boomer, beloved friend of Dave & Melany

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Jason McDonald in memory of Boomer.

Boomer came to us 9 plus years ago at a very difficult time in our lives. His presence was an immediate joy and helped both of us through that difficult time. He was, and always will be a blessing to us, and we will speak his name with a smile. He was always full of energy and unconditional love.

We know now that he is happy in heaven with Fred and Bombay, he suffers no longer and he is restored to his normaly healthy and happy self.

We miss you and look forward to seeing you on the other side dear friend, and we love you.

Dave & Melaney Ransome

Tag joined my family 6 1/2 years ago. I couldn’t have asked for a better rescue dog; he was intelligent and loving.

Tag was a companion to my other border collie and they played like puppies at times. He enjoyed a game of Frisbee, going on walks, riding in the car, being rewarded with special treats, and sleeping near me on the bed. I think about the love he gave me and the wonderful memories that I have.

Sad farewell, Tag, I was so lucky to have you in my life. Gone too soon but never forgotten.

Susan Meng

Emma came into rescue barely alive. She is an Aussie (mix) that only weighed 34 lbs when rescued (should be 55 lbs) and spent several weeks at the vets office before coming to us to be fostered. She was around 8 years old and was found by her forever family almost 3 years ago. She had a life full of love and care from here new family. Thank you Sue & Arnie for continuing to share our special girl with us. We have all been blessed having you in our lives.

Be free Emma Blue…we love you ♥ ♥ ♥
~ Your Foster Family

University Memory Care made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of Janice McGee, the Daughter of their Director, Deborah.

(adopted as Hobo in Feb. 2006) 2005 – 2012
He will be missed. RIP Seamus.

We found Seamus at the school bus stop six years ago. He was a big, fluffy puppy who was very perturbed with that big yellow monster bus that swallowed up all the children he was having so much fun with. I had to pull him away from the snipping at the tires, so the bus would not run him
over. He lived the rest of his years with us, in the middle of a group of children as much as possible, waking us in the morning with sweet kisses, and sleeping soundly at the foot of the bed each night. He loved a good game of Frisbee and a great game of chase with his dog brother, a golden retriever.

He could say more with a single look that people can say with books of words. We will miss him.

Danielle Elder

My precious, perfect, personality plus Penelope. I waited 3 years for you to arrive, and I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on you. Your cuteness and funny ways brought me SO much joy and made me smile and laugh every time I saw you. I should be thankful for the two months I had you, but your absence each night is just a sad reminder that you are not here and should be. You only came out at night to look for food to survive another day, minding your own business and not bothering anyone. I’ll never understand why the evil human took you for no reason without a second thought and left a hole in my heart the size of Texas. My fat, fluffy, beautiful, sparkly, healthy Penelope. You were so cute and so funny and so special. Life is not the same without you, stinky little Nellie.

I miss you every day.
Kimmie Sue

A donation has been made by Terry Schucany in memory of Bailey, who for her 14 years was a loyal friend, wonderful companion and the best dog EVER to the Musser family.

First: thank you, Deborah Ullrich for being the best foster!

In memory of our dear, sweet Henry (aka Firecracker): From the moment our eyes met at Petco almost 10 years ago, it was love at first sight!

Henry was the sweetest dog, always smiling and happy, and he wagged with his whole body. He could be found right at my feet, be it under the desk,stealing a few pieces of my Dr Pepper-laced ice cubes, or warming my feet under the dinner table. He paved the way at doggy daycare, teaching the pupshow do play “fair”, and always loved playing keep-away with whatever you threw him to fetch. And how he loved to swim! He was the best companion,guardian, walking/running partner, and loved to be kissed & loved on. We will never forget and always love you, Henry boy, and we are honored you chose us to own.

Until we meet again.
David & Doreen

Keebler, our little elf, your luck wore out like a shamrock losing its leaves. May you find your pot of golden biscuits over the rainbow bridge.

You were loved.

CowboyA donation has been made in loving memory of Cowboy, our collie. Cowboy came to us with a history of heartworms, lack of food, and an outsize personality which we came to love. In one of these pictures, he is eating dinner with our cat.

We love you Cowboy,
Katie and Julie

We loved Lola so much and want the world to know that she existed and was/is loved and never want her to be forgotten.

Victoria Paredes-Orton

He was beautiful, loving and fiercely loyal. We lost him too soon and we miss him more than words can say.

The Kerr Family

A donation was made by Dave and Melany Ransome in memory of “Christmas” Haynes, loved by Lynda Haynes who passed on to his rewards this month in Georgetown.

R.I.P. my sweet “Cowboy” friend. I first met you totally abandoned, broken, and tied to a gate. What a beautiful spirit you became and I’ll cherish your devotion forever. I will see you at the gate again — but, this time it will be Heaven’s Gate.

A donation was made by Dave and Melany Ransome in memory of sweet Elizabeth, beloved dog of Deborah and Dale. Elizabeth is playing ball over the Rainbow Bridge while she waits for them to cross over.

CalvinCalvin “Pupper” Wilson
June 2000 – August 1, 2011.

We were delighted to bring Calvin (formerly Crocket) home from your adoption event at Petsmart on Research Boulevard in October 2000. This adorable four month old puppy grew into THE most beautiful dog on earth. After being asked about his breed every day for 9 years, the DNA test revealed that he was 25% Great Pyrenees, 25% Boxer, and 50% Italian Spinone (which I had to look up). As a childless couple, Calvin was our earth, moon, and “son”. Sadly, he was diagnosed with renal failure three months ago. A low protein diet, medication, and then sub-q fluids administered twice a day his final week, gave us time to prepare and say goodbye. We, including his sweet sister, Gabby (a Brittany-Border Collie mix who was never acknowledged by strangers in Calvin’s presence) surrounded him with love here at home on his favorite pillow as we returned him to God. Calvin was an old soul, who liked to kiss children (Sir Licks-a-Lot), loved chasing his sister on the beach here in Norfolk, VA and his daily runs in the 92 acre park next to our old house in Virginia Beach. We were blessed with Calvin’s companionship for almost 11 years and his ashes now reside in an antique humidor, a befitting resting place for such a lovable curmudgeon. Thank you for giving dogs and their people happy lives and cherished memories.

Deion and Jim Wilson

Theresa C. has made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of her special boy!

We had shared 14 loving and wonderful years with you. From a tiny fluff ball to a sweet Senior lady. Those years flew by — playing, hugging, throwing your tennis ball. You were always ready to chase even in your golden years. We are so sad that we could not be with you when you took your final breath and gave your life and your tennis ball up to pass over the rainbow bridge. We will see you again when we take our last breaths without you and together the game of ball will begin again.

Until then our Lizzie, play ball, play ball.

1996 – 2011
Deborah Ullrich brought little Sassy into our lives in January, 2001 when we started fostering her. Sassy quickly captured our hearts and we adopted her a few months later. She was scared of everyone and everything at first, but she grew into a wonderful, loving dog who ran flyball and agility and even got her Canine Good Citizen title. Most importantly, Sassy was our friend and companion for 10 years and she will always be missed. Each day with Sassy was a gift that we truly treasured. We’ll always be grateful to Deborah and her group for pulling Sassy from the shelter and giving her a chance!

Pat, Jim & Sassy

Peggy Jennings, co-founder of, which is THE organization responsible for changing Austin into an almost no kill shelter has passed away. Please see this blog: Austin has currently an “out alive” rate of over 90% and is a role model not only in Texas but also nationwide.

Poor Cheesecake, to be rescued and given another chance at happiness only to suffer with Parvo and have to leave that dream behind. We miss you and hope that there is a place beyond here where you have found your forever home.

A donation to Forgotten Friend’s Nelson was made by Dave and Melany Ransome in memory of their neighbor Heather’s dog “Aida” who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 10th.

Jack Jack
What a wonderful little friend you were. We were so lucky the day we found you alongside the road. Life was always full of twists & turns with you around. You were a great hiking companion, a friend to foster dogs and the best lap sitter of all. Sargent Snarky …hook up with all of your friends who have passed before and keep the pack together.

We love you,
Kris & David

You were loved beyond belief. My heart is broken and I do not think it will ever mend. You were such a brave dog throughout anything life dealt you but in the end you could not fight hard enough to save yourself. I was not there. No one was. Please forgive us.

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Gayla & Madison in loving memory of their friend, Bentley.

In loving memory of Bentley, a donation was made to Forgotten Friends Rescue by Sue & Steve McG…. BENTLEY It is with great sadness that we let Bentley go. What a special, loving and funny boy. He made us smile. He brought such joy to our lives and we were lucky to find him at the Cedar Park Shelter and give him his forever home. We will miss him always.

David & Chris

We adopted Tosca (then known as “Honey”) from Mixed Breed Rescue in March 2002. She was an amazingly cute pup and she grew into a gorgeous dog. When we moved to Norway from Austin in 2006, Tosca, of course, went with us, and she took to the snowy weather immediately. She has been a faithful, beloved member of the family, as well as devoted protector of our daughter.

Sadly, this week the vet discovered that Tosca had stomach cancer–there was extensive damage to her stomach . We had to make the incredibly painful decision to let her good. We were able to say goodbye, but it was all rather surreal. We wanted something positive to come out of our pain, so we have made this donation in her memory.

Thank you for all you do for the “forgotten friends”

Susan, Tony, Harper and Seamus (Tosca’s brother) Nichols Oslo, Norway

A donation was made by Dave and Melany Ransome to Forgotten Friends Rescue was to honor Twister, Shelby and Cooper who were beloved pets of our friends.

In loving memory of Fred & Bombay Ransome a donation was made to Forgotten Friends Rescue by Dave & Melany Ransome.

It is with a heavy heart that we had to say good-bye to Pumpkin. We adopted the precious little pomeranian, Pumpkin, from you 2 years ago. She was a beautiful little girl and came into my life when I needed her. Rather than prolong her pain, we decided to spend a few hours with her and then let her pass peacefully knowing we were by her side. I held her on my lap for a long time and then she passed on with our whispers in her ear of how much we loved her and what a good dog she was and that we would never leave her. I am in terrible pain, but I have to focus on the love and healing she brought me in the short time.. and the love and healing we gave her. She found her forever home with us.

Laura & Doug Bucher

A donation has been made by Debbie Parker to Forgotten Friends to sponsor Grammie in memory of her beloved Granny Ruth.

Although Heidi was part of our family for only 10 months, we loved her so much and she will be missed. Heidi was the sweetest, gentlest, and most tolerant dog I have known. She always let Colton give her hugs every time we left and came back. She constantly gave us lots of kisses and loved to sit in my lap to relax. She loved her tennis balls and her toys, and she was such a gentle chewer. I am so sad that her heart disease, which we didn’t even know about until the end, progressed so much that it had to take her short 3 year life. She is in a better place now at the Rainbow Bridge, where she can breathe easily and play with all the other animals.

Merry Christmas Heidi, and we love you!

Rebecca and Colton

A donation has been made by Noreen & Tony Maurno to Forgotten Friends in memory of Sweet Cooper.

A donation has been made by Linda English & Patti Raso in memory of Cooper.

A donation has been made by Chris Hamilton & David Wasserman to Forgotten Friends in memory of the Big Yeller Dog — COOPER !!!

A donation has been made to Forgotten Friends in memory of Sweet Cooper Dog! Love always, Gayla & Madison Cerulli

1/24/01 – 12/07/10
It is with such a heavy heart and incredible sadness that we said goodbye today. We were not able to watch you suffer any longer. It’s only because we loved you so very much that we could let you go. You were the perfect dog and beloved companion and you have left a huge hole in our hearts & our home. You were loved by everyone.

I’ve never known that one big yeller dog could have such a fan club. You never met a stranger. How blessed we were to have you as part of our lives as well as the lives of many a foster dog, friends, family & neighbors. Woo Woo Woo……..COOP DOG!

We will love you forever and hold you in our hearts until we meet again.

Sue, Steve, Keebler & Crockett

1999 – 2010
It is very hard to lose a good friend like Anna. Anna kept us on course and on time. She was our “red shadow” and even when she was sick she wanted to keep us in sight and on-task. She saw us as her flock of sheep to keep from wandering astray. We are grateful she blessed our family for the past decade.

That’ll do, Anna, that’ll do. Good girl.

David & Joni

Chloe your beautiful face and spirit will forever be with us! We could look right through your eyes into your soul! You were always a loving, loyal friend and are sorely missed.

Mom and Dad

Maria HooperMaria Hooper
Maria Hooper loved animals, not just her own! It was not unusual for her to put their needs above her own. Maria and her husband of 30 years, Richard, adopted Lady Jane from our group in August. Sadly, she passed away this month from complications from Marfan’s Syndrome. Maria’s sense of humor, wonderful work ethics and friendship will be truly missed by all who knew her.

She was a strong and loving friend and Wife. (Sept 2010)

Porter was such a wonderful addition to our family. Our first dog just loved him and he loved her. As we had children he was wonderful with them too. Thank you for what you do…if you did not save him we would never have had the opportunity to take care of him and love him. And… he would never have had the opportunity to teach, inspire and touch our lives the way he did. We still miss him so.

Love always,
Kimberly Rutt

On July 5th, our little Dancer died. He had been diagnosed with lymphoma approx 3 months earlier. We miss him so very much. I’ve never been so close to a pet in all my life. Thank you for allowing us to adopt him.

Love always,
Martha McKnight

Lori Tullos Barta Lori Tullos BartaLori Tullos Barta
Lori Tullos Barta passed away Thursday, Aug. 19 from complications following heart surgery. The Barta family gave our sweet blue-eyed Kirby a “Forever Home” in April 2010. They adopted him knowing that he had many heath problems and they may be ongoing through out his life. Having a special needs child, they felt it was no burden to take on this sweet rescue dog that had survived parvo, severe upper respiratory issues and a very badly broken leg that required surgery right after they took him into their home.

A 1996 graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, Barta had recently returned to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy as an Assistant General Counsel. She and her husband Dr. Adam Barta have three young daughters. She also served as president of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas in 2008 and 2009. She was involved with the association for six years after the birth of her middle daughter Hannah, who has Down syndrome.

In May 1999, we adopted the sweetest cocker/golden mix claiming my heart forever. On 2/28/01 we delivered her new future playmate,our son, Justin, who’s first word six months later was “puppy” and when he first started crawling I found him hanging half-way out of the dog door
(he regularly followed her out until he could no longer fit thru the door).

We always referred to Chelsea as our “first child”, our “baby girl”, and often said she was Justin’s “furry, big sister” so much so that on the first day of 1st grade when the class was introducing themselves and talking about their families he began talking about his sister (Chelsea) and brothers (3 goldfish) which confused his teacher for a while since she thought he was an only child!

She ruled that special place in our hearts all through the years, and still does. Unfortunately, she developed congestive heart failure 7/08 and although we all did our best, her heart weakened and she was finally given peace 7/26/09.

Love always,
Julie Williams

Our little Hamlet crossed the rainbow bridge today. We had to let him go and end his suffering. He lost his battle with Parvo. I’m sorry little friend that there wasn’t more we could do…… May your little soul rest in peace. Thank you for coming into our lives.

A donation was made by Susan Clay to Forgotten Friends Rescue in memory of Fred Walczyk.

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends Rescue by Isabella Morgan in memory of Fred Walczyk.

Fred WalczykFred Walczyk
June 12, 1947 – June 19, 2010

Fred developed a love of animals early and above all he loved dogs. While he singlehandedly saved the lives of hundreds of turtles — he would regularly stop even on a highway and help them cross, or even bring them home so they didn’t get run over — what brought him the most joy was providing a happy loving home to his adopted dogs. So great was his love of his four legged friends that he asked his ashes be scattered with those of his most beloved pet who passed a few years back in the park where they loved to walk. May they run and play forever.

He truly was, “Dog’s best friend.”

Friends at Freescale Semiconductor have made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of Fred Walczyk.

Family and Friends at EZ Corp have made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of Fred Walczyk.

A donation was made by The Family of Fred Walczyk to Forgotten Friends in memory of Fred Walczyk, a past adopter, supporter and friend of our dogs and mission.

A donation was made by Lou and Geoff Gordon to Forgotten Friends in memory of Fred Walczyk, a past adopter, supporter and friend of our dogs and mission.

A donation was made by Rose Pouncey to Forgotten Friends in memory of Fred Walczyk, a past adopter, supporter and friend of our dogs and mission.

A donation was made by Patricia McElroy to Forgotten Friends in memory of Fred Walczyk, a past adopter, supporter and friend of our dogs and mission.

Dear Stardust, Some would say, “she is just a rat!” But you were sweet and deserved better. Just when you had found your forever home, something struck a cruel blow. Now you are out of pain and with your creator.


JoeyLittle Joey
Tiny Joey crossed the rainbow bridge after having a very short life. He weighed less than 1 lb and was surrendered by his owners because they could not afford to care for him. Such sadness and struggles for a tiny boy. We provided all that we could to help save him, but in the end it was just not possible. Grow big & strong (as big as a teacup poodle can get) over the rainbow bridge.


Lee MannixLee Mannix
August 20, 1969 – May 2, 2010
We mourn the loss of a man who made a difference in the lives of so many.

People and pets in Central Texas have lost a great friend.

Mannix, 40, was a pack behaviorist who consulted on dog behavior and specialized in aggression issues. He was dedicated to a teaching philosophy based on improving relationships between people and their pets. He was widely regarded as the last stop for many dogs with aggression and other severe behavior problems, and over the years Lee touched the lives of thousands of dogs and their humans.

Mannix was known for his incredible talent, his easy smile, and his deep generosity.

Lucky was saved from euthanasia on his last day in a kill shelter! He was a loving dog to his foster but occasionally had problems and nipped others randomly and unexpectantly. This deemed him unadoptable and he became a sanctuary dog where he would live out his life in rescue care.

Sadly, Lucky took to escaping the fencing to wait on the dirt road that led to the ranch to wait for his foster to follow the van home and give kisses. One day there was no Lucky, signs were posted, shelters contacted but 6 weeks later Lucky still has not returned and we feel something bad happened to him.

We miss our Lucky dog and are happy to have given him an additional year of running, playing and life but are deeply saddened that it appears he will not have more.

My sweet, Bella. From the moment you came into my life, I knew you would bring so much sunshine. You never asked for anything.

You were always patient. You were calm. Gentle. Loving with children, people, rabbits, cats and all other dogs. I know you were in so much pain in the end and through it all, you never ‘complained.’ It was so hard to let you go. I hope you are free from all of the pain you had. There will never be another dog who will replace you. You were my first ‘baby’ and always will be.

Rebecca Lopez

BootsieIn loving memory of Bootsie

A donation has been made by Dave Ransome in honor of Bombay and Fred, beloved companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are patiently awaiting their “best friends”!

A donation has been made by Matt & Kristi Piskorz in memory of Buckie.

He was a beloved member of our family for almost 6 years and we lost him too young to epilepsy. He will hold a special place in our hearts always! Thank you to FF for giving us the chance to love him!! Attached is a picture of him with his buddy, Tria.

A donation has been made by the Michon family in memory of Chance.

Chance never left my side during my pregnancy. His kind, gentleness helped me through many tearful days and nights and also through the joy of a healthy baby girl who adored him until he had a stroke in 2008. My “baby girl” is now 3 and still asks where Chance went and I told her he went to be with Jesus and he didn’t have anymore pain. Thank you for letting me share this story with you and letting me help another dog in his memory.

Thank you for doing what you do.

Bob, Jeanne & Aubrey Rose Michon

A donation has been made by the Carlan family in memory of Kia.

We adopted her from you almost 7 years ago. She was the best thing to ever come in to my life. As the saying goes, when one door closes, another door opens. Monday morning, my wife Jhen and I saw the heartbeat of our baby for the very first time. A mere hour later, we lost the heartbeat of our other baby Kia. She died in my arms. She had a big heart and loved everyone, man or animal. She was the sweetest dog I have ever known. Those who met her, knew
what a loving animal she was. She was the light and happiness in my heart for so many years. We had a great life together and she did not suffer.

Now we wait for that light to shine again in our latest blessing. Kia was my inspiration to create the Manchester Dog Park where she loved to play with her friends. Her sweet spirit will live on vicariously through all the dogs that play in the park.

Will & Jehn Carlan

A donation has been made by the Geisinger family in memory of Duke.

Duke was a Shepherd/Collie mix who we adopted 10 years ago, shortly after Christmas. We only planned to foster him, but it took only three days for all of us to fall in love. He was so smart! He could open the back door, chase cockroaches and snakes, and only tried to eat the hamster once!

He will be so missed!!

Our friend Margi lost her dear companion Beau to cancer in November. He will be terribly missed and fondly remembered.

A donation has been made by Ramona Ruffino in memory of her beloved Purdy.

Purdy’s little old body finally gave out and she was ready to go. She was going to be 18 next month. I delivered her when she was born, she’s been a
fabulous friend. Now I’m ok by thinking she’s with her mama now and no more pain or suffering.
God Bless all the little critters. Love, Ramona

PeteSweet Pete
Sweet Pete could not combat the suffering and neglect from his previous hell! His pain is gone and he has gone to his forever home where he will treasured as one of God’s special souls.

Our sweet puppy Johnny lost his battle with parvo today. He fought for five days, but his little body wasn’t strong enough to overcome the virus. He was only here for a short time, but he will be missed terribly.

Thanks to the doctors at Griffith Animal Hospital for taking care of him this week and to the donors who are assisting with the cost of his medical care.

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends in Memory of Luna who passed away April 23rd. She is greatly missed by her owner Anissa Zickler and all her two and four legged friends in Central Park.

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Anne Fairchild in memory of Ethel.

Charlie Charlie

Charlies was the most loving dog. I spoiled him by letting him sleep on the bed. Actually, I think he took over.

I’ll love you forever,
Lisa Morrill.

Custard was a super loving and sweet dog and deserved his chance, The saddest part about his condition is that it was all preventable if his previous owners had taken good care of him. However, he went into congestive heart failure after his heartworm treatment and was euthanized to end his suffering. Farewell to a very sweet boy.

LuluLulu Bear
From the hearts that could not have loved her any more. Goodbye, our sweet lulu bear. We will forever hear you running clumsily all over the house, barking to be picked up and put on the sofa and feel you under our feet in the kitchen waiting for a scrap or to lick the bowl. We love you more than anything and give thanks for your love everyday you were with us.

Jason and Rachel Furst (Mom and Dad)


The Ransome Family made a donation to Forgotten Friends in memory of “Luna”. She passed away on April 23. Her owner Anissa Zickler , in NYC, is a great friend of the Ransomes. Luna was a beautiful girl and was loved by all. She had many fans in Central Park and lots of two and four legged friends.

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Amanda Crocker, Keely Joseph and other employees of National Instruments in Memory of Lanie, the beloved dog of their fellow employee Kyle Schwambrug. Lanie recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge and is missed beyond belief! She was adopted from the group and really was a treasure!

Precious Star, you came into this world with everything against you. You may have passed through quickly, but you were loved!

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Dave & Melaney Ransome in memory of Bailey, the beloved companion of Heather Shield.

Losing you was one of the most painful things I have experienced! You were always so unique, so intelligent and often a challenge. I am glad my last sight of you was lying in the green grass with your beautiful coat blowing in the wind. At peace finally and able to chew tires and chase balls forever on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I love you! Deborah

A donation was made to Forgotten Friends by Dave Ransome in memory of Miriam Morris.

A donation was made by Dave Ransome, towards the care of our dogs, in memory of Mr. Jesus “Marcos” Valero, who passed away on Jan 3rd after a long battle with cancer. He was a lifelong advocate of the rescue and kind care of dogs and cats in the El Paso area. He passed away with his loving family about him along with a host of grateful rescue dogs (and one cat that would not leave his bed).

In memory of my sweet Darwin: you were the best friend I have ever had. You loved me through all the good times & the bad. I was so blessed to have you in my life for nearly fifteen years. My heart is broken and not a day goes by that I don’t miss ‘my shadow’.”

Rachelle Adams

A donation was made by Lisl & Enrique Ortega for Sandy in memory of our beloved Jacky, who is waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge:

Puppy, you are gone from this life but you are in our hearts – never, ever, ever forgotten. We think of you every day, every night, every hour, and every minute of the day. We miss you but know you are at peace and no longer in pain. Daddy has a cookie for you and Mommy has a liver treat.

Till we see you at Rainbow Bridge – all our love, hugs and kisses – Mommy and Daddy.

You were one of the sweetest dogs in the world, beautiful and loyal! You left us too soon and too fast. We will never forget you!

Mom & Dad

I had you for too short a time, losing you has torn a piece out of my heart. You are terribly missed and will never be forgotten.


A donation was made by Dave Ransome, towards the care of Gizmo, in memory of Woody & Daisy, the loving companions of Chris and Julie Savasky.

I’ve lost my golden bear. I found you as a puppy; a neglected stray, covered with mange. Six months later you were a furry golden bear, full of mischievous antics who had earned the name Rascal. To some, you looked more like you belonged in a zoo than a household. But to me, you were always my devoted Rascal bear.

I will never forget you. I’m sure you are up to all sorts of goofiness at the Rainbow Bridge. Looking forward to being with you there one day.

Brenda Billings

A donation was made by Dave Ransome, towards the care of our rescued dogs, in memory of Bandit, the loving companion of Shane and Kristy Attaway

Cha ChaChaCha
Donations made from Suzie in loving memory of ChaCha who was deeply loved in life and will live in her heart forever after she has passed over the rainbow bridge.

Boots was my ‘buddy boy’ and Robin’s ‘Boot-man’. He was handsome, sweet, our ‘gentle-man’, but could also be quite an unexpected clown at times that brought laughter to us. He was a joy for us. We are unsure what his first 8-9 years were like before we adopted him from you, but from some personality quirks we know we provided him a lot of love and healing that helped when he was so scared. To give him freedom to grow was a gift for all of us. He is so very missed, but he is no longer in pain and hope he’s chasing squirrels somewhere with his sister Sierra who we lost in April. Thanks for these years with him.

Love always,
Kris & Robin

A donation was made to by Rebecca Hott to Forgotten Friends Rescue in memory of Woodrow G. Larson.

After several days of extraordinary veterinary efforts, Peaches yielded her life and departed from this world on Saturday July 19, 2008 and went on to the next world to wait for me there.

She approached life with her ever-present smile, soulful eyes and loving presence. Happy with us for nearly eight years … she conquered many obstacles … a lesson for us all.

She came into my life in the winter of 2000. While I was volunteering at the PAWS shelter, an overweight and sad dog tugged at my heartstrings, especially when people made fun of her obesity. Abandoned by her owner when they left her behind when they moved … already about age five; she was picked up by animal control. She was brought to PAWS shelter where she was found to be unadoptable (overweight and heartworms) and immediately charted to be destroyed after the minimum three day holding period. I would not allow her to go! I found a wonderful saint who helped with her medical expenses (thank you). I tried and tried to find someone to adopt her; I found that person in my own mirror. Back then, I would not let her go … though now I must … until we meet again.

She has added so much love and value to our lives. I will miss her more than words can ever say.

We miss you and love you very much,
Sharri Levine Boyett

A donation was made in memory of “Jake” (beloved dog of Mark Jones) by Dave Ransome.

A donation was made in memory of “Jax” (beloved dog of Lance & Traci Shillingburg) by Dave Ransome.

A donation was made in memory of Bob Rundell, by Joan Carol Bates to help sponsor Mouse.

A donation was made in memory of Dean Monroe, by Ramona Ruffino to help sponsor little Corky.

Our little Moose passed away at the age of 18. Her trip to us started with a drug bust in an East TX apartment complex. The drugs were gone, but the dog was found alone and very hungry. The police turned her over to a couple who started searching for a home.

She found her way to my dad, who gave her to my grandmother, who gave her to me. She had advanced heartworms, heart and lung damage, needed to have 18 teeth pulled and was not spayed. We weren’t looking for a chihuahua, but by the time we treated her problems to make her adoptable she’d become one of our pack. She had seven great years with us and will be missed!

We miss you and love you very much,
Jeannie, Jeremy, Travis and Dylan

A donation was made by Camille Hemlock in memory of “Baby Girl,” loving companion of Jack and Nicole.

A donation was made by Dave Ransome in loving memory of Fred & Bombay.

Happy GirlHappy Girl
Thank you for giving us 16 years of love and happiness. You were the best! Ride your jet ski, climb trees, bark at squirrels, catch your Frisbee, help Pops with his BBQ, run pain free and be forever Happy over the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for sending us Zanna Doo. We will see you again someday!

Brenda, David and Matthew

Tiny Tim
Poor little Tiny Tim never got to see his first Christmas! This little Heeler boy was struck by a car and broke his leg in several places. He died during surgery. We know he can now run again and is pain free just over the Rainbow Bridge.

Dear Marley, your time with us was too short. You didn’t even get to have your first Christmas. So sad that whoever owned you before you came to us didn’t bother to vaccinate you. Your suffering was all so preventable. We know you are pain free now and we want to know you are missed.

In memory of Jack, a faithful companion, who lived to the age of 15. Jack had been with me since before I knew Jason or had Ben… before I graduated from college, before I became a nurse, before I moved to Texas. He was perhaps my oldest friend, and certainly had stood by me through the many joys and challenges of my life like only a beloved pet can. He will be very missed by our family.

The Porters

Sweet Irish, your were My best friend and companion for 18 years, I will never find another cat like you. You are sorely missed!


A donation to our dogs was made by John and Mary Denlinger in loving memory of their son Mark’s cat Irish. Sweet Irish was a loving and loyal companion to Mark for 18 years and is dearly missed.

1990’ish – 2007

Found Black/Lab/Pit Mix@ 2yrs. old abandoned somewhere in Austin’burbs, sometime in the early 90s. If this was your dog, you blew it. What a good smart boy. We’ll miss you. Loved by Toni, Frances, Julian and everyone he ever met.

A donation was made by Dave Ransome in memory of Taboo, the beloved cat of Ray and Jaci Gaspard.

A donation was made by Dave Ransome , in fond memory of Terri Deben.

A donation was made by Annalyn Earley-Bryant in memory of Mutley and Goldie and honoring my forever pals, Razor, Lucy, Sophia, and Sassy.

Tiffany Tiffany

Dear little Tiffany was the last puppy left from a litter of 4. People repeatedly overlooked her at adoption days because she was extremely scared of the outside world. She spent months at the dog ranch waiting for her turn in a foster home, only to find the perfect family for her just 2 weeks later! Tiffany’s picture-perfect life was tragically cut short with a terrible accident. Just a week after arriving in her new home, the extra loop of her no-slip / martingale collar, a device intended to protect her from escaping on walks outdoors, caused her death when it caught on a door knob and she could not get free.

Tiffany did not die in vain. Now Forgotten Friends Mix Breed Rescue is trying to get the word out about Tiffany’s tragedy and let dog owners know that training collars “martingales, chokers, etc“ can be good training tools, but should NEVER be left on a dog when it is unsupervised or playing with other dogs. These collars can become stuck on a crate, another dog’s tooth, a tree limb or any number of other things and cause injury or death in a matter of seconds.

Your family and foster family love you, Tiff. We hope you aren’t scared anymore.

A donation was made to the memory of sweet Tiffany by the Porter family. She is loved and greatly missed by all.

Tillie JeanTillie Jean

One of God’s true gifts to me, passed away September 2nd when the very hard decision to euthanize was made for this very beloved dog. Tillie Jean came to me from a kill shelter. She was a skittish but sweet girl. She became ill right away and a week or so later we realized she was blind. She started to get better after many medications and then declined with neurological failure. This darling, chipper girl, who fought hard and never complained, was a wonderful example of the true heart of canine companionship.

Dearest Dumpling, I wish we could have given you more than 4 extra months of life but I know you enjoyed your time with us running, strolling around the pond and playing with your foster buds. We thought it would be Cushings Disease that sent you to the bridge, little did we figure on mammary cancer. We hope you get your girlish figure back, regain your coat and enjoy many meals on the other side of the rainbow!

Shaggy was a fluffy cuddle bunny when she came to us from a Mixed Breed foster mom. Always ready for a walk, a car ride, a trip to the park or a swim at the lake, Shaggy was the queen of our back yard and object of our affections. Hank was a compact model cow dog and was built like a tank. Hank came to us through Mixed Breed with a huge capacity for companionship. On the ground, in the air or at the lake, Hank and his tennis ball were inseparable.

Dear Doc – so sweet, so cute, so small, our little Doolittle. We will miss you and are very sad you had to leave our world so soon! We wish you a healthy body and spirit on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, butterflies to chase and green grass to play or rest on.

If you’ve ever known the joyful sound
Of barks that fill the air-
A sloppy kiss, a friendly paw,
A quiet adoring stare-
If you’ve ever had a special friend
To share a tear or two,
Or maybe just a wagging tail
To lift you when you’re blue-
If you’ve ever felt the wrenching pain
That only death can send,
Then you have lost
Not just a dog-
You’ve truly lost a friend.
But God is good and treasures love
And there at Heaven’s gate-
A sloppy kiss, a joyful bark-
Your precious friend awaits.