Amber, formerly known to us as Martha, has found herself a wonderful new home with a human sister to dress her up and love her to pieces. Her new family wrote in to let us know how things have been going since Amber came into their lives.

“Our whole family is so much in love with our new dog, Amber!  We spoil her with non-stop pets and smooches.  The thing we love best about Amber is – just as you start petting her, she immediately closes her eyes and starts making a kind of purring sound – almost like she is snoring.  She seems that she’s in heaven – and makes us feel that we are with her.  We also love how she runs upstairs to get her stuffed animal raccoon before she takes a nap – just like a little baby (which she is).  We are so happy that she is part of our family!”

We’re so happy for Amber and her new family. Congrats!


Karlie, now known as Zoey, is another dog we took in from the Bell County Animal Shelter. She herself wrote us a wonderful update on how life has been with her forever family and we’d like to share it with you!


This is Zoey. I’m so glad Forgotten Friends got me out of that shelter and found me a home. These humans are pretty nice. They are easy to train-if they don’t understand what I want, I just wait patiently and eventually they figure it out!

I get good food and lots treats. Dad fixes bacon in the morning and I sometimes get a bite of that. Mom gets some treats at the Farmer’s Market and they are so good! The doctor says I might need to cut down on the treats, but I don’t think he understands how yummy they are!

Mom sometimes says she wishes I knew what a weekend was because I get up early every day to get things going. I go out and check to make sure the yard is okay. Sometimes I take a nap in the morning while Mom works. Then I go out again to check on things. A dumb squirrel hangs around but I remind him whose yard it is and he leaves.

I take an afternoon nap until time for Mom to stop work. We go for walks or play until dinner time. We play chase in the yard- the silly humans think they can catch me, but I’m too fast! I stay in the kitchen while Mom makes dinner in case she drops something. I grab it really fast so she won’t have to bend over. She says I’m a good helper.

My picture here is from the day the white stuff came down. It was fun to play in!  I just ran and ran around the yard that evening. I really like my family and I’m glad Forever Friends found me a new home. Mom says I will be forever and ever, which sounds like a long time so I’m happy.


Thanks for the update, Zoey! We’re so happy things are going well.


Precious little Luna, now known as Piper, was a pup we took in from the Bell County Animal Shelter. She had a cherry eye and such a defeated spirit that nobody really gave her a second chance..except one of our fosters. We, and her new family, are so happy we took her in. She’s blossomed into such a happy, gorgeous girl!

“…Piper is our little obsession. It’s honestly sickly, but she has completely taken over our home and our hearts. My husband is absolutely taken by her which I often times feel like the third wheel in their relationship- ha!…Here’s a few photos we’ve taken…Let’s just say theres more, in fact our phones are 75% Piper. She was the missing link to our family and has brought us so much joy and happiness.”

Stories like these are the ones that just really make our hearts happy and everything worth it. Congrats, sweet Piper! We are happy to have helped you get a second chance.



Jillie came to us as a puppy from the Corinne T Smith Animal Center in Brownwood, TX. She was able to quickly secure herself a forever home complete with a fur sibling to boot! Her family gave us an update on what life has been like since adopting their furbaby:

“Jillie and our Blue Heeler are besties, and we all can’t imagine life without her. We love her soooo much!  Every morning she gets to run off-leash to do her business, and she runs a big, wide circle around the entire acre.  Then she comes right in when we call her. When the weather is nice, she and our Blue Heeler spend hours together playing outside in the big fenced in yard. She has been easy to train, although against my husband’s policy, I do allow her to sit next to me on the couch. She still sometimes acts like a puppy, but I am powerless to resist her charms!”

What a great match! Congrats, Jillie!



Elvis, now known as Indy (for Indiana Jones!), wasted no time securing himself a new mom who’s job allows dogs! What a deal!! We contacted her for updates on her new lovable pup and she had some great things to say.

Indy is the most amazing dog, he is so sweet and so smart. He plays fetch with everything, and he jumps and catches his frisbee midair! He also has a giant herding ball, that he he loves to push around. He loves to swim and every time we go to the greenbelt or to Auditorium Shores, he goes straight for the water. My office actually allow dogs to come to work, so he’s been to the office quite a few times and does amazing!!!…His best friend is named Charlie, my roommates cat. They chase each other and play so well together…He really has been a blessing and is loved by everyone who meets him…

Congrats adventurous Indy!

Indy ElvisIndyElvis Indy Evlis2


Precious Lulu, formerly Clover, has found a forever home that loves her just as much as she loves them! Her new mom had so many fantastic things to say about her when we asked for an update.

“Lulu is doing fantastic and is more than we could have ever hoped for! She has taken full advantage of the doggy door and has had so much fun chasing all the leaves as they fell this fall. She wasn’t the biggest fan of the snow (or any water really) but was definitely curious to play.

Lulu LOVES her socialization. We have a couple of favorites parks around us and she is always playing her heart out…One time she played and played and played at the park and then we took her to a dog friendly bar to watch a football game and she was so tired we had to carry her to the car…We also started to do some training classes and she is definitely an A+ student…Her favorite way to wake us up in the morning is to jump on my husband and lick him enough to convince him to wake up and get out of bed then she takes his spot and snuggles with me!” Congrats, Lulu!
lulu clover lulu clover2


Silly, lovable Junebug found herself a home almost immediately after coming to us. Her family was overjoyed and had a lot to say when we reached out to them: “Our sweet JuneBug is as amazing as ever. We are truly loving this crazy girl sooo much!!  I included a picture of…her sitting on the end table. This girl has a thing for table tops. Lol! She is completely potty trained, an excellent listener, and loves all things squeaky! She’s the rowdiest, sweetest, smartest, loving, loyal, cuddle bug I’ve ever come across! She amazing!” Sounds like a fantastic match to us! Congrats little girl!



Sasha, now known as Sophia, found herself a wonderful family with two sisters and all the love she can handle! Her new family told us, “Sophia is loved and has been such a great addition to the family. She looks forward to her chew treat after dinner each night and loves to play tug of war with her stuffy.” Congrats, sweet Sophia!

Sasha Sophia


Higgs, formerly Spike, came to us as a little puppy and snuggled his way into the heart of his new family. We recently checked in to see how he’s been since his adoption and his mom gushed with wonderful things to say. “He’s such a rascal, but a sweet boy as well who is learning his grown up manners every day. He attended puppy kindergarten for several weeks and loved it and now he is doing doggy daycare once a week. He LOVES playing with friends.” These are exactly the things we love to hear and are thrilled he’s growing up into a social, if not ornery, pup. Congrats, Higgs!


Jesse James

Barkley, previously known as Jesse James, quickly won over the heart of his new dad. What’s even better is Forgotten Friends alum Maggie (Adele) was adopted by his dad’s parents! Maggie’s new parents told him about Jesse James and the rest is history. They have quickly become best friends and both couldn’t be happier!

Jesse Barkley


Simon, now known as Emmitt, came to us with his brother hoping to find a better life. He found himself a wonderful family and a canine sister named Marley! His family says that he absolutely ADORES Marley and loves spending time with her. “Emmitt smiles with his eyes and..If there is a pillow available, he is on it!  Our whole family loves him so very much!” Congrats, Emmitt!

Simon Emmitt SimonEmmitt


Kimmy, formerly known to us as Sophie, found her forever home and a life fully of activities to boot! Her new mom enjoys having an active lifestyle and Kimmy is more than happy to tag along as her running buddy each day. She updated us a little while back and had this to say:

…she’s a champion runner, and easily does my 7 mile Sundays with me every week. She also runs with me before dawn during the week, and as you can see by the look on her face, running time is her most HAPPY time! She and..our other rescue..are best friends and they love tossing each other all over the house .She is the sweetest baby to our kids, and she sleeps as close to me as humanly possible each night. We love her sweet little terrier guts so much!!

Congrats, Kimmy!

Sophie Kimmy