Basil was quickly adopted by his forever family and gained himself a wonderful fur sibling in the process. His new parents say, “Basil is a chill little dude that has integrated seamlessly with us. He likes to “talk” every now and then and is never far away from a bone to chew.” Congrats, Basil!

Basil Basil2


Adele, now known as Maggie, was adopted into a wonderful family who just couldn’t picture their life without her. Maggie herself sent us a little update after spending some time with her new family: “My family loves me very much & l love them.  I go for a walk in the morning & a walk in the evening at sunset & I strut down the street like the happy show dog I am!…Thank you for taking such good care of me & for helping me find my family!”

Congrats, Maggie!

Adele Maggie Adele Maggie2


Zeke, now known as Pugglesworth, came to us and ended up winning over his foster family! They couldn’t pass up that perfect “mlem” face. He’s got himself two brothers to play with and is absolutely adored by the whole family. Congrats, Pugglesworth!


Itty Bit

Precious little Itty Bit came to us with his mom after a little bit of a rough life. His new family was browsing our website and immediately fell in love with him. When we reached out to get a follow up on how he was settling in, his new mom could hardly contain herself with all the great news:

“Where do I start? Itty Bit is hands down one of the best dogs I’ve ever met and there is no doubt that he was suppose to come into our lives. I can honestly say that he is so happy and adjusting very well to his new home…he really likes to sleep and has probably taken a nap in all ten beds that we have placed throughout the house. He also loves both our balcony and patio and I will often find him sleeping with just his head outside so he can feel the breeze on his tiny face.”

Sounds to us like a match meant to be! Congrats, sweet Itty Bit.

IttyBit IttyBit4 IttyBit3


Adorable little fox-faced Marty was quickly snatched up by his new mom and the pair couldn’t be happier! He’s been quite the social butterfly since his adoption, touring local breweries and charming just about everyone. I mean, who could resist that face? We suspect he’s in for quite the charming life with his mom. Happy trails, Marty!

Marty Marty

Maude May

Sweet little Maude May, now known as Baby, has found herself the perfect mom to spend the rest of her days with. Her new mom intends to spoil her rotten! Baby also has two new fur-riends to run around and play with when she’s not cuddle up with her momma. Congrats, Baby!



Floofy sweetheart Butler, now known as Leo, was just too adorable for his new parents to pass up! He came and went in a flash and has been loving every minute of his new life as an alumni. According to his new mom, he’s a little social butterfly and greets everybody he meets with a big smile and a tail wag! Congrats, Leo, and many happy years ahead!

Butler LeoButler Leo2



Woody, previously known as Baker, was another sweet pup that came in as part of a litter. We’re happy to say he has found himself a wonderful family with a furry playmate and an older sister to shower with kisses for years to come. Congrats, Woody!

Baker Woody


Little Irene, now Penny, came to us with her sweet, spunky looks and a determination to find loved ones to call her own. She was one happy camper when she won the hearts of her new family, complete with a fur sibling to boot! We’re happy to report she’s fitting in nicely and even helps with the groceries! When she isn’t being a house helper, she’s out enjoying walks and naps on the couch. Happy tales sweet Penny!

Penny groceries Penny Walks Naps

James Bond

Dashing James Bond, now Joey, wasted no time in completing his mission of securing a forever home. It’s no surprise his new mom says he loves riding in the car, knowing the dog park is just a drive away! He’s also quite the cuddler and who could really say no to that? Congrats, adventurous Joey!

James Bond


Skye, no Ringo, snagged himself an awesome new family with sisters that love and adore him! We foresee many years of cuddles, fetch, playdates, and all the love he could ever imagine. Congrats sweet Ringo!



Freddie, previously Licorice, was one of the many strays we rescued a little while back who quickly won over the hearts of his forever parents. The updated us with a plethora of great news about weekly doggy playdates, agility classes, training classes, and the never-ending love they have for him. They know the life of a stray dog can create some struggles, but understand that things can be worked through with enough love and patience. Congrats on such a wonderful home, Freddie!

Freddie Freddie2