Shelby came to us as part of a little of puppies rescued and in dire need of love and attention. She was the tiniest pup of the bunch, but her new mom didn’t care one bit.

“I had adamantly declared that I was not going to get another dog, for awhile when I had to put my beloved yorkie to rest. But after a few weeks, I realized my other dog, Lily, had not been alone her entire life and needed a companion. As a big supporter of Forgotten Friends, I knew I wanted to try to find the next member of my little family through them. Poppy (formally known as Shelby) was a part of a small litter of puppies and was the tiniest little thing. It was 100% love at first sight, she was at least half the size of her brothers but double the personality.

Bringing her to my home has been, by far, the happiest thing I could have done. I can’t thank Forgotten Friends enough for helping me find a new friend and help myself and Lily get through the loss of our Bunni.  Poppy is so full of personality, loves running around in the backyard as fast as she possibly can, being the perfect little shadow and saying hello to everyone she meets. Her favorite place is to be right under your chin so she can roll around on your chest and lick your nose and surrounded by toys. She’s still an itty bitty thing (only 6lbs!) but keeps up with the big dogs with her big personality!”

Losing a beloved fur baby is never an easy thing and opening up to love a new one can be so hard. We’re thrilled to have been able to piece together this little family after such a hard loss. Congrats to both Poppy and her new fur sister, Lily!
Poppy ShelbyPoppy


Little Ella, formerly known as Butterscotch, caught the eye of many potential families and managed to get one with a big sister to teach her all the ropes on being a wonderful family dog! She enjoys getting to play with her siblings and posing like her older fur sister, Olivia. Congrats, sweet little Ella!

ButterscotchElla ButterscotchElla2


Little Shelby was a pup we took in from a local shelter and she quickly won over her new mom in a heartbeat!

“Oh she’s so wonderful! She’s definitely filled my home with so much love and energy! We are learning to go on walks and sit and taking puppy kindergarten! She’s quite the little firecracker and is about as social as can be! She holds her own with all the big dogs in our class! She loves her big sister and is such a good girl!”

Congrats, Shelby!

Shelby Shelby2


Cute little Pippi managed to find herself a home with 4 human and 2 feline siblings! What a catch!! She loves curling up with one of her sisters at night and happily rides along in the car when her new parents go to pick everybody up from school. Sounds like a great deal to us, Pippi!


Holly & Molly

Molly and Holly, now Flufie, came to our rescue together and each went to a different foster while they searched for their forever home. Lucky for them, a pair of brothers fell in love with them both and they were happily reunited for good! They love playing around with each other and cuddling their boys. Congrats to a match made in heaven!



Pebbles, previously known as Freckles, quickly found herself a super sweet family, fur siblings included! They told us she is a much loved addition to their family. She’s learned all sorts of new tricks and gets along well with both her fur and human siblings. Congrats, little Pebbles!



Senior doggo Bodhi, formerly known to us as Bobby, had quite a rough time when we first rescued him from a shelter in Brownwood. He needed many of his teeth extracted and battled two infections, but came out on top with the sweetest demeanor. His new mom absolutely adores him and filled us in on life with sweet Bodhi:

“Bodie has been enjoying his new home and friends…Living close to the Greenbelt he gets to explore different areas of the neighborhood.  Some of his favorite past times are going on walks, playing fetch with his squeaky toys, eating nutritious food, finding nuts and burying them and playing with his new friends. Bodhi has a special “job” of spending some of his time with his pseudo-dog siblings while pet sitting at their house where he gets to roam free range on their acre property.  He fits right in with the pack of the other dogs including Ruby, Rocky and TicTac and is a great example for other dogs of how to treat cats in the family as well!

The saying “who rescued who” comes to mind when thinking about Bodhi & the pawsitive things that he brings to me & my life. He is full of love & I am beyond grateful he found his way into my home & heart.”

Congrats, Bodhi!



Lupina, formerly known as Alexis, was exactly the pup her new mom and dad needed.

“Everything is going very well with our little wolf, Lupina. We love her so much and she’s in the middle of everything we do…She enjoys learning tricks and we are learning to trim puppy eyebrows, mustaches, and nails.  She is pretty good being bathed (every 4-6 weeks) and absolutely loves her daily brushing…She is absolutely perfect for us!  We were so sad when our Boston Terrier, Beans, passed away. Lupina has really filled the void in our hearts and home we thank you for bringing us such a wonderful addition to our family.”

We’re happy to have been a part of bringing together this little family and giving everybody a happy ending. Congrats, sweet Lupina!

AlexisLupina2 AlexisLupina

Emmitt & Kia

Birdie, previously known as Kia, and Emmitt both won over the same forever mom! They were adopted at different times, but are so happy to have each other to play with and love their forever home.

“The pups are doing so well and having fun chasing squirrels, going on walks, and playing with toys. Birdie has come out of her shell and is Emmitt’s little shadow. She loves to cuddle and bury her head under the covers.”

Congrats, Birdie and Emmitt!



Zoe, previously known as Willow, secured herself a loving home with a feline sister!

“Zoe is doing great and we absolutely adore her!  She is in total control of us…We have been spoiling her like crazy, but she is a very, very good little girl…She also has acquired quite a “wardrobe”. Sweats, sweaters, tees, raincoats, even a little beach sundress and a Houston Rockets official NBA tee that she wears on game days! She loves to wear everything except the raincoat and boy, does she does hate getting her feet wet. She gets excited whenever she sees one of her “outfits” and actually steps into it. She and Khan (the cat) are the best of friends…They like to climb on my lap or lay right beside me when I am watching tv and they kinda use each other for a pillow!”

We’re so happy for you, Zoe!



Adorable Bailey caught the eye of a volunteer for our rescue and our volunteer just knew, Bailey was coming home with her. “From the moment Bailey came into our home it felt like we’d had her forever. She now enjoys time in her backyard, the occasional table scrap, and lots of belly rubs!”

Congratulations, Bailey!

Bailey Bailey2


Sweet little Rocco, previously known as Flynt, quickly won the hearts of his new forever family. They absolutely adore their little guy!

“…He enjoys his daily walks (quite the little prancer), chasing tennis balls, loves getting brushed out, dislikes rain, and is surprisingly fast for a little 9 ½ lb Havanese!…he has completed our little family in South Austin. We are in love with this little guy who also happens to be a super cuddler.”

Congrats, Rocco!