Sherlock came to us as a sweet puppy full of energy just waiting to find a family to love and shower with kisses. We’re happy to say he found it, new sisters included! His new family says he’s super sweet and quite the smarty pants to boot. Congrats, Sherlock!



Sweet Lindee was one of our original Forgotten Friends pups 10 years ago and recently came back to us when her first family couldn’t take care of her as easily anymore. She has found herself a family that absolutely adores her and is happy to give her a new place to call home. She’s even got herself a fur sister! Her new mom updated us shortly after she was adopted and said: “She and Chloe are best friends. They follow each other around and play until nap time. On walks, they stay so close together I got a coupler to hold them on one leash. We’re working on learning new commands and being calm around the house. Lindee has settled down and seems happy and at peace…Our thoughts go out to her “first” family. We hope they are happy to hear that she is doing well and that we love her so much.


Adorable puppy Clark found himself a home with two other Forgotten Friends alumni, Quincy and Jackson! They’re going to show him the ropes on how to kick back and enjoy his forever home with his new family. Congrats to everybody on a happy match!



Our wonderfully cute little Jenna, now known as Leia, has scored herself a forever home complete with both fur and human siblings! What a lucky gal! Her new family says: “She is doing amazing. As soon as I let her out of the carrier, she took off running around the house and she was so excited. She has been by my side since then. She and my son, Isaac, bonded really quickly too. I took her into his room Friday morning and she cuddled up and gave him kisses to wake him up. She’s completely a perfect fit for our family! Isaac kept saying how much he loves her already and is happy we finally have a dog!”

We’re always thrilled to hear about such great matches. Congrats, Leia!


Adorable Basil found himself a new home with a sweet couple. He even has a new fur sibling to play in the backyard with! Congrats, Basil!


Onyx, previously known to us as Sam, has found himself a forever home with an adventurous family. They absolutely adore their new family member and let us know he has mastered the art of sit, stay, fetch, off, and down! He also walks with them without his leash to and responds well to his name. They are excited to take him on trips to the green belt and Zilker park. Congrats on your wonderful new life, Onyx!


Precious Jackson, now known just as Jack, was adopted by a wonderful couple who just love him to pieces. Jackson came to us with some skin troubles and after some love and care, has scored himself lots of love and attention from his new parents. They say: “Jack is doing great! ┬áStill working on leash reactivity but he’s getting better. He’s such a smart dog. We’re having a lot of fun with him.” We’re so glad to have found such a great fit for everyone!

Vader and Edith

Furry little Vader and pal Edith, now known as Winnie, have both secured new moms to love them forever! As you can see, Winnie has already determined being held by her new mom is the best way for afternoon naps. Congrats guys!


Siggy, formerly known as Miya, founder herself a forever home complete with a fur sister and nearby fur friends! They enjoy having doggy playdates with plenty of extra laps to curl up in and all the pets they could ever want!


Savannah, now known to her new family as Leia, has been adopted! Her family reports she is pretty strong-willed and still a work in progress, but they adore and “enjoy the heck out of” her! Fetch is her favorite game. A DNA test showed her to be a mix of 5 different breeds & 1/4 complete mutt. You make us proud, Leia: Mixed Breed Rescue is what we do!


Panda, now known as Murphy, was another one of the dogs rescued from a puppy mill that closed down in early 2016. He found himself a wonderfully understanding family a few months after coming to us. When he had trouble adjusting, his family got him a fur brother to make him feel more at home. It worked wonders and the two have been happy ever since!


Patches came to us from a puppy mill when it was shut down in early 2016. He was adopted a little later that year by an amazing, patient family with new fur siblings included! His family updated us last Christmas saying, “He has come so far. He wags his tail. He jumps in my chair and will sit in my lap. He loves (one of my other dogs) Benji. He is letting everyone in the family pet him now. I just love him! I think he is happy and finally realizing no one is going to hurt him.” We’re so happy for sweet Patches!