Doggie Ranchette

Welcome to Forgotten Friends – Mixed Breed Rescue’s Doggie Ranchette!

We are located on a portion of 18 acres in the Leander, Texas area and are a limited intake, private, no kill shelter.

When our rescued dogs leave their shelter, they arrive at the Ranchette where they receive vaccinations, worming and heartworm prevention. A new collar and tag go onto each dog and they get to meet their new foster friends.

The Ranchette is comprised of a kennel building, three large covered play areas with doggie pools, play scapes, toys, food, water and igloos.

There is one smaller covered play area for a dog who may not play nice with others.

Our Ranchette is not open to the public but we do welcome volunteers over 18 years. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the contact form.

Lots of fresh air, deer, rabbits and squirrels are a constant distraction and entertainment.